JooWI Online V2 comes closer - 1. Release in 2020

JooWI Online V2 comes closer - 1. Release in 2020

09. Nov
Written by Roland Meier
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Time goes by, the years creep in and before you know it, 2 years have passed from the first blog post on this site.

And Christmas is coming up again soon.


A lot has happened in the last months, everything else is always more important than your own "heart's affairs".

All the more the joy to be able to tell you today that there are again positive steps with JooWI Online V2 which I would like to introduce to you today.


JooWI Online Contact Management - ready

As known from JooWI V1, the Contacts are separated into Customers, Distributors and Contributors, which are the same data records, but are provided in separate views. In this way the Contacts for Invoices or Orders can be preselected.

en joowi online customers


Within the Contacts themselves a lot has already happened, so here as many addresses & contact possibilities as desired can be used, while in JooWI V1 only 1 set for private and 1 set for business data was possible.

en joowi online customer


A significant improvement to JooWI V1 has also already been implemented for the contributors, so a corresponding JooWI user can be created for each contributor.

en joowi online contributor user


JooWI Online Article Management - ready

In the last few days we have mainly worked on the Article Management, also with regard to a Warehouse Management, which is still very "sparse" in JooWI V1.

en joowi online articles


And here the detail view of an article. A "central" sales price is being considered here, which JooWI will follow if the Article is not in stock.

Also the available Quantity and the Alarm of a Warehouse Item can be set centrally.

The core is then to be found in the Warehouse-Data area, the list can be extended dynamically, either manually or via automatic import, e.g. from incoming Orders. Here the Distributor and the Order itself are linked, as well as the actual Purchase- and Sales-Price.

If an Invoice with a Warehouse item is created later, a different price of the respective item can be read out, so that price fluctuations do not have to be maintained separately.

In the free text field any text can be entered, e.g. an individual serial number for Computer Hardware, or various item attributes such as shirt sizes, colors, etc.

The Sales-Date also shows whether the item is still in stock or has already been sold.

en joowi online article


JooWI Online Action Management - in work

Now that the Article Management has been completed, work on the Actions will begin in the next few hours. In particular, we will focus on the Invoices, which will be available in the first release.

We are also looking forward to print the respective Invoice in an acceptable format or even export it as PDF.

All further Actions such as Quotes, Orders, Credits, Warnings or Orders will either be available in the first release as a kind of "copy" or will appear in the following ones.

Of course, there will also be the well implemented Serial Invoices known from JooWI V1, and Invoices for a certain date will be processed automatically. So you can e.g. extend Invoices continuously, and they will be processed and sent automatically at a certain date.


Planned Release for JooWI Online V2

While the focus in 2018 was still on the SaaS version (see demo), today we have decided to focus on the Joomla! Component.

The big difference was actually only the visual nature as seen in the demo, that a nice and new backend template was used here. Since more or less Joomla! 4 is also coming soon, this was just another factor to stop the pure SaaS version. There will be a possibility that this form of JooWIs will also be offered via our servers, maybe with an own template, but this is not planned for the time being.

Instead, we would like to see a first release in 2020. In particular, it is only about the Actions Management and a "rough" possibility to make various settings. According to the current status, the chances are not bad at all.

So it will be worthwhile to visit these pages more often in the near future. You are also welcome to send us a message if you are already eagerly waiting for the new JooWI. This way we can recognize the necessity and prioritize our tasks accordingly.



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